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PSI recognizes the value of client satisfaction in a competitive world and the major contribution to this satisfaction is made by the supply of labor and modern equipment to an assured level.

To achieve this objective the management of PSI, has committed itself to a quality management system based on the requirements in the AISC Code of Standard Practice for Steel Buildings and Bridges.

Quality Objectives have been established and are reviewed on a regular basis.

Education and training will be provided to employees to enable our goals to be achieved.

All employees are responsible for the quality and safety of our service. Adherence to company procedures will ensure that quality goals are met and should problems arise, they are resolved quickly and in a manner that will prevent recurrence.

A philosophy of continuous improvement has been adopted by PSI so that our quality management system continues to evolve to enable our goals to be achieved as well as meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

The attainment of our quality objectives requires strong and responsive management and a group commitment from our employees. The outcome will be a respected reputation for the quality of our product and a rewarding workplace.


M.W. Thomas Shuler, Quality Control Manager

April 27, 2015

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